Our History

Our History - Civitavecchia Port Mooring and Boatmen Group

Our history began in 1927, when a small group of mooring operators, led by the visionary Armando Bonomo, began offering services to ships. This pioneering initiative laid the foundation for significant evolution.

On October 25, 1934, the Port Colonel and Maritime Director of Lazio, recognizing the need for a regulated mooring and unmooring service in the port, established the Civitavecchia Port Mooring Group, initially composed of 13 members.

The Group, until 1965, not only took care of mooring ships with a team of 12 mooring operators but also provided a pilot transportation service, initially with rowboats.

In 1993, the Mooring Operators Group transformed into a Cooperative Society, and from March 30, 2001, by expanding its competencies with the boatmen service, it became known as the Civitavecchia Port Mooring and Boatmen Group.

Today, the Group is committed to providing services 24 hours a day, every day of the year, ensuring the safety of navigation, port facilities, the environment, and human lives, in addition to supporting the regular flow of maritime traffic.

Our 26 highly qualified mooring operators work with dedication, coordinating their activities according to the needs of port traffic.

To ensure an efficient and immediate service, we have 6 Motorboats that meet the technical requirements and equipment prescribed by the Maritime Authority, in addition to 6 land vehicles and 1 crane.

Our operations room is equipped with a meteorological station, a video system for monitoring ships in port, an AIS system, and data collected by a Wave Measuring Buoy.