Assistance and support activity to sailing vessels.


The so-called "ACI del Mare": it is the result of an agreement between our National Association,
A.N.G.O.P.I (National Association of the Italian Port Boatmen Groups) and Harbour Authorities
General Command, MARI.CO.GE.CAP, and it is regulated by the dispatches n.82/44512/II
ùdated  16/07/04 n.82/03225/II dated 20/01/05 n.02/02/60404 dated 28/06/06 of the CO.GE.CAP
itself, at the costs worded in the relevant schedule that is possible to consult on the Internet site.
The activity in object is performed by the Boatmen Groups under the continuous coordination
of the operations by the Maritime Authority and it is given by the Boatmen Groups that are  
A.N.G.O.P.I. members covering about 90 Italian ports, to vessels that, during the navigation,
due to technical reasons, are not in the conditions to go on with its own equipments and to reach
the mooring in port- the performed service is absolutely functional to the features of the ships
that are normally rigged, equipped and in order with the ship’s papers and the safety certification.

Assistance activities in transfers to boats

The Group Boatmen Boatmen and the port of Civitavecchia carries out assistance to vessels, unable to move independently, they must move from its moorings at a shipyard in Civitavecchia, or vice versa and the surrounding areas.


Efforts to support and support craft *

Rates approved in the General Assembly of December 3, 2009 (amounts in € net of VAT)




a) The calculation of distance shall be computed starting from the lights of the entrance of the port

b) The operations performed at distances greater than 20 miles an additional fee of 15% per mile or fraction

c) To work within 10 miles, and duration of which shall extend beyond an hour, an amount of 50% will compete for each hour or fraction

d) To work more than 10 miles, and whose duration is prolonged beyond two hours, an amount of 50% will compete for each hour or fraction

e) All services carried out outside normal work qualifying for an increase under Art. 5 of the current tariff

f) By agreement Sailornet users suffer a reduction in the amounts indicated by 40%


*) Taking into account also support and support for up to port and mooring operations.


They are also instituting two benefits:

1) right to call

2) failure to provide



The call fee will be paid every time you check the cancellation of the call after the middle of the first group is that the same party and half has passed the lights of the entrance of the port. It is set in the following measures:

A) € 30

B) € 40

C) € 50

D) € 60

E) € 70



Nonperformance occurs whenever the means of the Group does not make a performance after you pass the threshold of the entrance of the harbor lights.

The compensation is fixed at 50% of tariffs to a maximum of € 260.00.



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