Video System

the group and mooring boatmen of the port of Civitavecchia with the request of the Port Authority of Civitavecchia 24/01/2007 and 09/03/2007 regarding approval of the prot. 0003798 and subsequent communication to the master's port of Civitavecchia has a system of video cameras connected to the 'authorities' port at the headquarters of the group for the following purposes:

1.migliorare monitoring service (24h) in order to provide an immediate and constant supervision on the measures needed assistance to ships in port and / or facilities outside the port waters, ensuring the safety of the mooring or the restoration of the estate, if there are changes in weather conditions or other causes as art. 4 of the Rules of the mooring service 12/12/2007 ord. No. 134/2007;
2.assicurare quickly any intervention required by the 'maritime rescue of persons and / or property in danger;
3.rendere more 'functional and timely intervention of the mooring ensuring their safety in the performance of the service

AIS (Automatic Identification System)

the group and mooring boatmen of the port of Civitavecchia has a passive Nasa Marine AIS AIS Engine ltd model in order to improve the performance of the service organization with emphasis on public service obligations with the null'aosta 02/05/2007 Genaral of the body of the command addressed captaincies all'angopi and ministry of communications with the consent of the territorial inspectorate 09/01/2008 lazio prot. 32/2/int/csc/08 of 31/03/2008 and 15/01/2008 to the master's communication port of Civitavecchia.

the system allows the identification and location of each mave able to transmit this signal.

vessels detected by the receiver ais are displayed on maps and represented by color icons for different type of ship.

and 'can view the specific information transmitted by the apparatus of every ship ais including:

• MMSI of the ship;
• Detection (latitude and longitude);
• route;
• speed ';
• navigation state

 Weather station

the group and mooring boatmen of the port of Civitavecchia has a fixed meteorological equipment for remote reading of the following sizes:

v.intensita 'and the wind direction;
v.umidita ';
vi.intensita 'rainfall.
the time course of the meteorological variables are recorded every 15 minutes with possible recording data obtained in previous years.

Boa wavemeter

the group and mooring boatmen of the port of Civitavecchia in collaboration with the companies' Envirtech made the mooring at Sea (April 2009) with coordinates 42 ° 08 '00 "N - 11 ° 41' 22" and a buoy wavemeter and meteorological Watchkeeper behalf ISPRA (Institute for Research and Environmental Protection) with permission of the Harbour of Civitavecchia.

wavemeter buoy detects the following data:

◦ hs - significant wave height in meters;
◦ dm - average direction of origin;
◦ tp - peak period in sec.
◦ hmax - max meters.
data is transmitted with an interval of 30

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