The institutional service

The mooring service is one of the technical-nautical services ancillary to navigation together with pilotage and towage, which are provided in favour of vessels in order to grant them transit, movements and rest in safe conditions, in the interest of the vessel as a user, of the port community and of the general public.

First of all it assumes the form of a public service provider of general economic interest. The boatman makes the coming vessel berth correctly at a quay, piers or buoys, secures the vessel to the mooring, takes care that the moored vessel is safe for the whole duration of the stop, intervening in needs or emergency case; he collaborates with the crew of the vessel in the unmooring stage of the leaving ship, freeing it from the mooring and waiting that the vessel departs in safety from the port water and takes the sea.


The supply of the technical-nautical services aimed mainly at satisfying the needs of public interest, such as, in primis, the ones to guarantee the safety of the navigation  in ports and in the contiguous areas, and therefore, the safety of the vessels, the port facilities, persons and environment safety, as clearly stated by the Civitavecchia Harbour Office in the decree n° 150/2006 where it is specified besides that:     


"Considering the general public service obligations (continuity and universality) on the base of an organizational model coherent with the maritime/port security according to the agreement of the Maritime and Port Authority and specifics to which the Group has to answer, such as:


A) Check and intervention on the vessels that are moored in port both in case of changing of the weather/maritime conditions and for any other unexpected or extraordinary occurrence that exposes them to a risk;

B) Assistance and aid to vessels and persons in dangerous conditions in the areas of the port waters and those contiguous;

C) recovery of floating objects that are dangerous for navigation. “




- Mooring and unmooring of vessels in port and in the off-shore terminal

- Movements of vessels from a quay to another

- Shifting of the vessels along the quay

- Strengthening of the moorings and unbending cables

- Unbending dolphins

- Shifting of barges for the embarking of off-shore platforms

- Clearing the anchors

- Moorings and unmoorings on buoys and dolphins

- Vessel to vessel moorings and unmoorings with boatmen both on board and on quay

- Entrance and exit from the dry-docks

- Tier and/or stern-on moorings

- Nautical services on board of vessels and barges with partial integration  

or complete replacement of the crew

- Monitoring and mooring reinforcement with personnel on board of the vessels that are under seizure

- Fender Yokohama movements

- Persons and goods transport into the roads and vice versa

- Assistance and transport services

- Nautical works.

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